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CertainTeed™ WinterGuard™ Waterproofing Underlayment

Your best defense against winter.

The WinterGuard™ Series of waterproofing shingle underlayments are applied under roof shingles during new construction or re-roofing to protect your home’s interior from winter leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain.

How WinterGuard works:
WinterGuard is made of asphalt polymers, formed into a rolled sheet. The polymers make the asphalt elastic, sticky, and waterproof. The result is an amazing ability to both stretch and cling. This means that WinterGuard doesn’t rip when stressed and seals around nails driven through it. It sticks to a clean roof deck like glue. The result is a waterproof barrier beneath your shingle system, which pooled water and wind-driven rain cannot penetrate.

WinterGuard™ HT (high tack, high temperature) is specially formulated to resist high roof temperatures under metal roofs. Also for use with shingles and tile. WinterGuard comes in three different surface finishes - film, sand, granular - your building professional can recommend the best finish for your situation. Taking the offensive with CertainTeed WinterGuard is just part of the CertainTeed strategy in winning the battle against ice dams and worth the investment to protect your home. We offer an integrated system of quality products– including roofing shingles, ridge vents, vented soffits and fiber glass insulation – that defend your home from the damaging effects of nature. When used together, these products create a roof that’s well insulated, properly ventilated and resistant to problems caused by sun, wind, rain, snow and ice.
CertainTeed™ WinterGuard™ Waterproofing Underlayment