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Tamko Heriatge XL AR

Heritage XL AR— A wider-cut tab for a unique Heritage look. The elegant and dimensional appearance of Heritage Series shingles has captured the attention of homeowners for years.

Heritage XL AR shingles offer dimension, beauty, and protection with a unique look. Heritage XL AR shingles feature a wider-cut tab to create an expansive beauty unlike any laminated shingle.

These unique laminated shingles feature a double-layer fiberglass mat construction with a wider random-cut sawtooth design. The two layers of mat are coated with asphalt, surfaced with mineral granules, and then laminated together with TAMKO's special asphalt adhesive. A self-sealing strip of asphalt helps provide added wind resistance.

Complement your home with the expansive beauty of Heritage XL AR Shingles.

  • Wide-cut tab and double layer laminate design adds depth and dimensional appearance
  • Color blends and design that enhance the roofs appearance.Choose from eight colors to complement your home
  • Backed by a 40-year limited warranty, with 7-year Full Start, limited transferability, a 60-month limited warranty against damage from wind up to 80 mph (90 mph when applied in accordance with TAMKO's High Wind Application Instructions) and a 10-year Algae Relief (AR) limited warranty. See limited warranty for details
  • Made with Heritage Quality Construction
Tamko Heriatge XL AR